Sharon Township, Michigan

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The FINAL version of Sharon Township's Master Plan is now available online.  Please note: Due to the size of this document, it may take up to a few minutes to load.

Sharon Township's Master Plan (final version)

Master Plan Maps:
     these maps may be reviewed in hardcopy format during regular office hours at the Township Hall, 18010 Pleasant Lake Road.

     Map 1 - Base
     Map 2 - Zoning by Parcel
     Map 3 - Land Use / Land Cover
     Map 4 - Ground Water Recharge Area
     Map 5 - Septic Field Absorption Limits
     Map 6 - Soil Permeability
     Map 7 - Natural Features
     Map 8 - School Districts
     Map 9 - Historic Sites
     Map 10 - Future Land Use
     Map 11 - Agricultural Preservation
     Map 12 - Build Out Analysis